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Personal Stories

Experiences of the old treatment only

Brooke was diagnosed with hepatitis C in the late 1990s. On receiving her diagnosis, she worried that she might die and that her children would have to grow up without her.
Cal was diagnosed with non-A, non-B hepatitis in the early 1990s, when he was 17. He remembers calling his mother straight away, and she started researching hepatitis and treatment options for him.
Cassandra was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 1994. Concerns about the possible impact of the old, interferon-based medications on her work led her to postpone treatment for many years
First diagnosed with HIV and hepatitis C in 1991, Derek was later diagnosed with hepatitis C again two further times (in 1998 and 2012).
Giovanna was diagnosed with hepatitis C in the mid-1990s. Experiences in a hepatitis C support group put her off interferon-based treatment
James was first diagnosed with hepatitis C when he lived in the United Kingdom around 2000 but didn’t have treatment until he emigrated to Australia in 2015.
A blood test in 1999 indicated that Lee had hepatitis C antibodies, but later tests suggested that he didn’t have an active disease and had cleared the virus spontaneously
Rebecca acquired hepatitis C from a needlestick injury in 2010
In his late thirties Scott decided to have a hepatitis C test after feeling that his ‘liver wasn’t quite right’
Stuart can’t remember exactly when he was diagnosed with hepatitis C, but thinks he acquired it through a childhood medical procedure
Trish was diagnosed with hepatitis C in about 1999